The Air Comfort team has experience completing various commercial projects across a number of different industries. Some of the project types that we have worked on include:

  • Multi Family Housing
  • Data Centers
  • Hospitality
  • Office Buildings
  • Breweries

See below for more information regarding some of our previous commercial projects:

Miami Yoder Schools

Contact Description: Design/Build Project

This “LEED Gold” Design/Build renovation utilized a Geothermal loop field, water to air heat pumps, water-to-air roof top units, Energy Recovery Ventilators, Make-up air units, welding hoods and dust collections system in the shop rooms, new kitchen equipment and a complete DDC temperature control system.

Otterbox Headquarters

Contact Description: Full and Precise

This “LEED Certified” Full and Precise project finished on July 2nd, 2010 for the Otter Box headquarters, a rapidly expanding local company. The building utilizes a 120-ton Roof Top Unit with electric reheat zoning boxes.

Medical Center of the Rockies MOB

Contact Description: Plan and Spec

This Plan and Spec project completed on March 3rd, 2009 of a 80,000 sq. ft. building that utilizes two Large Gas Fired Rooftop Units with multiple Zoning Boxes on a 3 Story MOB that is connected to a Newly Built Hospital.

Sargent Jr/Sr Schools

Contact Description: Design/Build Project

This Design/Build project is a “LEED Gold” Geo thermal “pump and dump” type heating system for a LEED Gold Building. Installation of an HVAC/Geo-thermal/Radiant Slab heating and cooling system in two remodeled buildings and one new building totaling 62,000-sq. ft.

Colorado State University Rockwell Hall

Contact Description: Plan and Spec

This Plan and Spec “LEED Gold” focused on an Installation of HVAC Equipment and Air Distribution: A Steam Hot Water System Utilizing the Existing Campus Central Boiler Plant and Fan Coil Units on a 54,600-sq. ft. building on the Colorado State Campus.

Advanced Animal Care Clinic

Contact Description: Plan and Spec

A Plan and Spec Remodel of an Existing Metal Building that Utilizes Radiant Floor and Tube Heating along with some Packaged Rooftop Units, DX Fan Coils Units for Zoning, A Make-up Air Unit and a Dehumidification Unit. With specialized Ultra Sound, Whelping, and Triage Rooms, along with some Radiology Rooms and Surgery Rooms combined with Office Spaces.