Unlike other temperature and control companies, the Colorado Controls team can program the equipment in our Hardware product line to fit your business’ needs. By tailoring our equipment to your business, we can provide a simple, reliable product every time.

We offer the following types of hardware products:

  • MACH-ProWebSysMACH-ProSys
  • MACH-ProWebCom
  • MACH-ProCom
  • MACH-Pro1
  • MACH-Pro2
  • MACH-ProAir
  • MACH-ProZone
  • MACH-Stat
  • MACH-Stat-ND
  • SMART-Space Controller
  • SMART-Sensor LCD
  • SMART-Sensor
  • SMART-Sensor Duct
  • SMART-Sensor EnOcean
  • SMART-Sensor EnOcean Accesspoint
  • Touch Screen Panel
  • MACH-ProPoint Expansion

If you have any questions regarding any of our hardware products or controllers, we would love to answer them. Give us a call today!