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Creating and controlling comfortable indoor living environments requires the efficient functioning of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning systems (HVAC). When an HVAC system fails to operate, the impact can go far beyond comfort. Problems with operating systems can lead to mold growth, odors, building product damage and damage to internal furnishings, and living or working spaces. In addition, HVAC systems that operate improperly can lead to a significant amount of energy loss resulting in extra expenses and bills that could have been avoided.

Air Comfort, Inc. can assess and identify HVAC operating problems with our vast amount of knowledge and experience and use of our specialized skills and tools . With more than 15 years experience, we can detect problems ranging from air test and balancing, to air filtration efficiency, to odor problems associated with HVAC systems. We can help to solve these and other problems before they progress into much larger, sometimes catastrophic problems.

Rely on the Air Comfort, Inc. professional team to diagnose and recommend HVAC services to keep your systems running smoothly and in top condition. Rely on our team of over 65 HVAC professionals offering service 24 hours per day, seven days a week.

Repair or Replace?

Eventually, all HVAC systems require repair service. Mechanical systems naturally wear out over time and must be repaired or replaced. Our detailed assessment process will help determine the level of repairs necessary to achieve top operating condition or if complete replacement is recommended.

Air Comfort, Inc. professionals can perform a life-cycle cost analysis to determine the pay-back on repair vs. replacement of an HVAC system. This cost analysis will assess the current condition and efficiency of the unit and measure the remaining lifespan of the unit. We then compare those variables with the cost of a new system to help determine the most cost-efficient solution for you and your building.

While it’s important to remember that every piece of equipment will need to be replaced eventually, there are usually a number of different repair options available to keep your equipment running effectively and efficiently until the time comes to replace it.

Air Comfort, Inc. can recommend the most cost-efficient HVAC solution for optimum operation and comfort to your system. You can trust the Air Comfort professional team to provide the highest level of service and value for your dollar.


One of the most important elements to HVAC management is maintenance. A strict, comprehensive maintenance schedule will not only prolong your building’s HVAC system, but will contribute positively to your operating budget through long term cost savings. Save money and improve the reliability of your HVAC system through a commercial HVAC Maintenance Agreement with Air Comfort.

Our Maintenance Agreement will provide you with the following benefits:

Air Comfort, Inc. can help you think about preventative HVAC maintenance in terms of recommended performance and maintenance tasks for each piece of HVAC equipment and the overall operation of the system. These two key elements are taken into consideration when crafting a full-maintenance coverage plan for your Maintenance Agreement.

Call us today to develop a maintenance plan that will provide you with greater comfort, lower costs, and longer life-cycle for your system.

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